Short description

This research project aims at a more precise and adequate understanding of the (universal) right to freedom of movement. Central to this inquiry is the question “who may, and under what conditions, be allowed in or turned away?” This question is not only philosophically important; it is also at the centre of current political and social controversies. Therefore it is necessary to find out, for example, whether the strengths and limits of the right to freedom of movement depend on the reasons for migration or on the conditions for its realization in particular societies. The purpose of the project is, thus, to analyse political, social, and economic contexts of migration and their normative meaning. Our presupposition is that the right to freedom of movement can be appropriately understood only if we take into account different reasons for migration, while also considering a range of empirical constraints.

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Special thanks go to the Mercator Research Center Ruhr for granting the funds, which enabled the research on this important topic.